Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday (11/28/08) will feature 50% almost the entire store. The only exclusion is the Greater Gift/Bright Hope merchandise we buy from fair trade merchants. Store is open 10am to 6pm.Shop early for the best selection.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fact or Fiction – you have to be poor to shop in a thrift store?

This is pure fiction. A common misconception is that you have to be poor to shop at thrift stores. This can’t be further from the truth. Now days alot of folks are finding the value of thrift stores. On any given day in my parking lot you find an assortment of high end vehicles. I’m talking Mercedes, Caddie’s, Lexus. How do you think people these afford to drive these nice cars.? They shop smart, and shopping at thrift stores for basic clothing needs is smart shopping. The Good Shepherd Alliance now operates 2 thrift stores in Loudoun County. The older store in Sterling is in the Regal Center Plaza. And our newest store, is now open in Ashburn near the Ashburn Fire Department on Ashburn Road. Both stores feature an eclectic mix of merchandise. While Ashburn’s store is small and features only the best of clothing choices. The Sterling store is bigger and features almost 7000 pcs of clothing on the racks at any given time. Shirts sell for $4 and pants for $6. Add $5 for a pair of shoes and you have a complete outfit for $15. Try doing that in the mall or at Walmart for that matter.
With the state of our present economy, people are looking for the best value for their dollar. There are fewer dollars to go around so one must make each dollar stretch as far as you can.
So to answer the question? No! anyone with money can shop in our thrift stores. Plus we offer vouchers for those that don’t have money, they just need to get a referral from any social services office, church or school.
Two good reasons to shop at our thrift stores. Number one your helping the homeless here in this county. Number two - by shopping the thrift stores your helping to save the planet by recycling.
Think about it, every body wins. We get money to help the homeless, you get to save money and we all help to save the planet.

So before you go out to the mall and your local discount retailer. Check your local thrift store. You will be doing your wallet and the planet a favor.

Antique and Collectible Sale - Not an Auction this year

This sale is being held in Sterling at The Good Shepherd Alliance Thrift Store located at 20921 Davenport Drive Suite 113, Sterling, Va 20165.

Here's a small sampling of things I remember:

  • wedgwood
  • football cards, basketball cards,baseball cards
  • collectible toy action figures
  • Dept 56 Christmas village
  • jewelry - nice costume pieces as well as fine jewelry
  • vintage ladies hats
  • old glass christmas ornaments
  • old sheet music
  • vintage toys
  • Wizard Magazines
  • Little Golden Books
  • Old figurines including glass and ceramic
  • couple of sets of old silverware - nice condition

    This is just a sample of stuff we have. There is something for every collector We are still collecting stuff for this sale.

    Sale is Saturday November 22 2008.

    Doors open at 11am - In fairness to everyone,there will not be any early previews of any of the items.

    Remember proceeds go towards our homeless shelter programs.

    Need additional info call thrift store 703-444-5956 or 703-887-7397 -But don't call about individual items please.

  • Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Christmas has sprung at Hope's Treasures

    Are you looking for new decoration this year for Christmas and don't want to spend the money? Then I would suggest checking out, our Thrift Stores. I'm getting ready to unload the shed which is full of Christmas stuff. The bigger things will go to Sterling. But you will see some beautiful things in the coming weeks. Stop by often.

    MAry - BTW I'm no spending all my time in Sterling because I have a very capable staff in Ashburn to handle my baby (Hope's Treasures).

    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    1/2 price sale going on now at Hope's Treasures Thrift Store

    Almost everything with a white colored sticker is 50% off this week. The exclusions are jewelry and Serrv items. That means almost an entire wall of merchandise is now 50% off my ticket price. Don't miss this deal it won't last long and these items will be shipped out after sale is over. That sale includes furniture as well. Newer merchandise being put out right now is a different color and it is not on sale. Don't forget that orange barbs on clothing items mean that you only pay $1 for that item. Clothing sale last only though 9/6/08.
    Now the time to start stocking up for Christmas.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Howard Miller Jennison Clock now at Hope's Treasures thrift store

    This has been sold! Thansk tot he generous buyer.

    This beautiful clock just came to the Ashburn Site. I got this from our store in Sterling. they just didn't have the space to display it right.

    Check this link out and see the specifications for this clock. Then google it and you find out that it retails for around $1200 on sale. Plus shipping.

    Since I'm a thrift store I won't ask. $1200 but I am asking $300. Available to the first person to come in a purchase. It is not eligible for any discounts. It really is a nice piece. this is truely a one of a kind piece for us. You don't see a piece this quality given to a thrift store very often.

    No phone calls please, just stop by and take a look. I'm at 20684 Ashburn Road, Ashburn, VA 20147. Right next to the Ashburn Fire Department in Old Ashburn.

    FYI - this is a wall mounted clock. Make sure you know what your doing before installing this on your wall. It does not sit on a mantel. It has a shaped bottom.


    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Thanks to the community for the warm welcome

    After being open a week, I can't say thank you enough to the folks in Ashburn who have stopped by to say Hi and welcome to the community. I've gotten a tremendous amount of people who want to volunteer with us.We're finding our way around our new diggs and getting the kinks worked out of our system. so continue bring your items to us. We open for donations everyday at 10 am. We stop taking donations at 6pm ,when we close the store down. Check our home website at for a donation guide. The only difference in what I accept and what Sterling accepts is large furniture. Ashburn doesn't have enough room yet for large furniture items. Those you'll have to take to Sterling.
    Hope to see you soon.