Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Opening day photo's - Hope's Treasures

Here are some of the photo's from inside the new store opening day.

Before and After - old wicker chair

Nothing cures the yukkies like a good can of spray paint.
I took this black looking chair from our store in Sterling and used a 1 1/2 can's of purple spray paint on it. It looks really cute now. If you don't like the purple, $8 will buy 2 cans of spray paint.
Retail on this chair with cushion is $35

Do you need a motorized scooter?

I have a motor scooter that was donated to the Sterling site and is fully operational. I have all the books and the keys. Price tag is $500. Perfect for someone who needs help getting around but doesn't have the insurance to purchase.
Remember I don't have Credit cards so if your interested bring cash.

Yes, Hope's Treasures is open in Ashburn

Hey all

It's been a long year but we are open for business, just not on our own property for the moment. We have secured a temp spot for our new store Hope's Treasures. We have tons of stuff and more things arrives daily.

Here's a few pix of some of the items we are featuring. Remember if you want any of the items it's first come, first served. I only take cash right now.

Yes, these pictures show labels like baby phat,phat farm, apple bottom brand.

Also shown is a rack of childrens winter clothing. These are marked down to $2 each piece right now.

I have a large selection of big men's jeans and hoodies. I have brand new black hoodies and 2x jackets.

You gotta see this selection to believe it.


Monday, March 10, 2008

New store - Hope's Treasures

Address 20630 Ashburn Road Suite 183 Ashburn Va 20147 -This is the Old Ashburn Square Plaza.
Hope to see you there.
Opening on Wednesday March 12th at 11am.

Hope's Treasures will open this week.

Hope's Treasures is opening in Ashburn this week BUT not on the site we own. It is moving in right next door in the Old Ashburn Square Plaza. We have secured a lease for the spot where the Pedal Shop use to be. We will we in Suite 183. Our banner will be up soon. We are excited about bringing our upscale wares to the ashburn community. The pix will show you some of the merchandise we will be bringing for sale.

The boxes are all packed with homeschool teaching material.

Crosses were handmade and handstained

Longaberger baskets will go up for sale in Ashburn
Serrv - a greater gift items will be available starting Wednesday

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Keep watching this spot.

Keep an eye on this blog. We're close to disclosing details of where our store (Hope's Treasures) is opening temporarily. I can tell you that the store will be strickly a retail site and WILL NOT TAKE DONATIONS - there can be no exceptions to this rule. Keep watching.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

HOPES TREASURES is coming sooner than you think.

Can't give any more details. But HOPE'S TREASURES may be coming sooner than anyone anticipates to the Ashburn Area. Watch this spot for more details.