Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're getting close now

This is the shot I took Monday June 23, 2008 of the our new site. We are on the homestretch now. One more piece of the puzzle needs to be completed in order for us to move Hope's Treasures in it's permanent home. It all goes well, this week will be the last week in the shopping plaza. Watch this blog for news of our move and the resulting sale to come. (You really didn't think I was moving all that stuff in the Hope's Treasures store.)Also look for when we will be able to start taking donations on this site.
Dedication for the building is scheduled for July 15th. Grand opening is scheduled on July 19th.
I'll keep you posted.
BTW - I can't say enough about the Wills Company that owns the shopping center next door for working with us and renting to us for a couple of months. They are a great landlord and have several openings in their plaza.

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